Services I offer: 


Cat care visits from £8 per visit 

No need to go to the expense and disruption of putting your cat in a cattery when you go on holiday! 
I will come to your home every day that you are away, to check on your cat/s, feed them and change their litter trays, etc. 
I love cats and have always found that a little fuss and a play goes down well after they've had their dinner. 
Of course, I'll also be keeping an eye on your home for you at the same time, plus I'll be happy to water your plants and garden too, if required! 

Vet visits from £10 

If you are unable to make a veterinary appointment for your cat, I can pick up and take them to their appointment on your behalf, and bring them back afterwards. 
Rest assured that they will be cared for and fussed over as though they were my own, as I am aware that some cats are nervous when visiting the vets (just like their owners!). 
If you would like to find out more about the cat care services we offer, or would like to make a booking, please complete our enquiry/booking form and we'll get back to you straightaway. 
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